WILLIAM ERNEST -Y Nuestros antepasados

Dear Family:

These are the pictures I have been able to collect of my Grandfather Ernest William Lowe and his Family, in England, New Zeeland and Argentina.
I am Frances Charlotte Lowe, daughter of Robert William Lowe, my Grandfather was Ernest William Lowe and my Great Grandfather was John Henry Lowe.  If you have any pictures to add, please send to my email:  Paquita@arnet.com.ar.
Hope you enjoy.   This collection has been done with the help of Robert Lowe in New Zeeland.     Robert has been collecting our family history for years, and thanks to him we have so many records of our family.     This work I am doing 
this in honor of Robert Lowe, he made me an adict on our family history.  He came to Argentina three times, when my mother and father Lowe, we still alive.  And thanks to wondefull work, we have stories and pictures, which helpt keep all in our Lowe Family History-  Dear Robert, tank you so much for your work.  You opened my mind and made an addict towards our family History, which is wonderfull,  Robert thank you for your wondefull work.  And may this work that I am doing, which is not as efficient as yours.  It´s just a recognition, that someone felt lonely work, and is trying to transmit it in my simple form. Thankyou Robert!!!  The Lowe´s familiy history must be kept.   Extrodinary Pioneers!!  And all thanks to you Robert, and your lonely researches, thanks to you we have our family History!!
Paquita Lowe ( this is my nickname)